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What is Kubot?

Kubot is a zero fee wealth management mobile application. It helps you to track and manage your mutual fund portfolio. you have the option to invest in various mutual fund schemes across Asset Management companies (AMCs) in a smart, secure and paperless manner. The app has been developed and managed by Kubot Fintech Private Limited which is a SEBI regulated mutual fund distributor.

Why should I go for Kubot?

At Kubot we aspire to make personal finance simple for our customers.

Easy set up: No lengthy questionnaires

Smarter Returns: Professional research, scientific approach, no fees

Full Transparency: View your money 24/7, withdraw with just a click

Privacy & Security : Bank Grade security, money is directly transferred to mutual fund account

How can I download Kubot app?

Kubot app is available on Android system. You can download the android app from Google Play Store.

Is Kubot available on desktop?

We will be coming up with full-fledged transactional website very soon.

What if I lose my mobile or start using a new mobile - will I be able to use the app?

You need not worry if your mobile is lost or you happen to change your mobile. You can download the app from any other mobile and login using your credentials and all your mutual fund details will get synced in the new mobile. Henceforth, you can do all the transactions as you were able to do with your old mobile.

Can I use the app on two different devices?

Yes, once you have signed up, you can log in as existing user from any device.

What are the tax implications?

Indian tax laws are applicable to the returns when investments are sold, i.e. short term capital gains tax on equity investments is 15% while long term (holding greater than 1 year) capital gains tax is currently NIL. Short term capital gains tax on debt investments is as per your tax slab while long term (holding greater than 3 years) capital gains tax is 20% with indexation benefit currently. Our recommendations and ongoing advisory takes these aspects in to account so that you have minimal impact.

Why is it not better to invest in FD or a PPF scheme?

FDs, PPFs and other traditional investment avenues may not be the best fit to your portfolio/requirements today. They are low yielding (PPF is currently delivering all of 7.90% p.a. return) and may be highly tax inefficient. They may also have higher liquidity constraints. All of these factors put together have given rise to simpler and more efficient products such as mutual funds.

Can I make investments in my name from other people's bank accounts including family, friends, etc.?

As per regulation, you may only invest from your own bank account. You cannot invest from any third party's bank account even if the account belongs to your friends or family members.

What is your investment policy - how good are the investments you recommend?

We research the entire mutual fund universe to arrive at a hand-picked portfolio customized for your specific needs. Each of the mutual fund holdings in the recommended portfolio have been back tested for superior risk adjusted returns and have met our stringent qualitative parameters of selection.

If I do not agree with your recommendations, what are my alternatives?

Our recommendations are backed by tremendous amount of research and are highly customized keeping your risk profile in mind. However, in the rare instance that you tend to disagree with our recommendations, you have the option to discard them and follow the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach. However, we do suggest that you go the DIY way only if you are an experienced investor.

How safe is my money with Kubot?

The custody of your money is always with the mutual fund houses, and not with Kubot. We only facilitate the transfer of money that you wish to invest from your bank to the mutual fund's bank through the integrated secure payment gateway services.

What is KYC - is it mandatory to start investing?

KYC stands for 'Know Your Customer' and is a SEBI requirement that needs to be fulfilled before one starts investing with a Wealth Advisor (WA) or anyone else. Under this, we need to ascertain your PAN, identity, address and bank account details to set up your account. If this has already been done prior through any agency, we will take the details from there and you need not go through the process again.