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INVEST SMARTLY THROUGH OUR RANGE OF PRODUCTS democratizes savings and investments through mobile technology for people who are able to save but lack access to investment products. We make investing habitual by providing a simple, mobile solution.

Mutual Funds

Understanding mutual fund schemes, choosing a suitable investment option and investing 'rightly' is what we believe in. And at, we help you in doing just that. We give personalized recommendations on choosing the right mutual fund scheme from a range of Asset Management Companies (AMCs), by sharing the risk factors, so that you invest your monies safely for further growth.

For starters, a mutual fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an AMC that brings together a group of people and invests their money in stocks, bonds and other securities. These units can be purchased or redeemed as needed at the fund's current Net Asset Value (NAV).

Through our goal-based investment approach, we at, help you achieve your future goals by suggesting investment strategies that are in turn based on your investment capacity, your risk appetite, timelines and investment pattern, such as Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or lump sum. Additionally, now you can use mobile app not only to invest in these mutual funds as per your needs but also as a savings bank account where you can park your monies in Debt: liquid and withdraw when in need.

Life & General Insurance

Protecting your family and your assets is of utmost importance to you. Ensuring that they are 'Insured' with the right insurance is what we do. We give you the best quotes and terms for Term Insurance policies, including health and vehicle Insurance. At, we help you in choosing the most suitable insurance, so that you lead a peaceful and secure life now without worrying about the future.

Portfolio Management Services

Stock markets are erratic and hence your investment in the market requires great expertise in terms of the right timing to invest and making the right decision. It also requires your knowledge, time and regular monitoring.

Portfolio Management Service is a tailor-made professional service offered to cater the investment objective of different investor classes. The Investment solutions provided by PMS cater to a niche segment of clients.

Portfolio Management Scheme, popularly known as PMS, is a specialized investment vehicle for lump sum investments. The portfolio manager invests the money in shares and other securities and manages the portfolio on behalf of the client. The client can look at where the portfolio manager is investing client's money.

We would be offering products from some of the top Asset Management firms of India.

Capital Gain Bonds

Sale of long term capital asset can result in gains, popularly known as, Long Term Capital Gains and is subjet to Capital Gains Tax under Section 54EC, as per provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961.

However, if invested in the Capital Gain Bonds specified under the section within 6 months from the date of sale and if held up to 3 years, the tax liabilities can be considerably reduced while benefiting from a modest interest payout. team can help you familiarize with the benefits of investing in Capital Gain Bonds and guide you through the process of investing in these bonds as per your custom requirements.

Real Estate believes in adding value to everything we do, so we facilitate and help you in making the right decisions and invest in the right properties that benefit you in the long run. We guide and hand-hold you throughout your journey to choose the best property at just the right price. Our dedicated experts help you with the right strategy and constructive approach so as to ensure a smooth closure of any deal.

We speed up your real estate investment plans by providing you with a range of residential, office and commercial spaces available through prominent developers across India.


Whether it is about buying your dream house, fulfilling your personal needs, financing your child's education or to just pick your most favourite car, we at bridge the gap between your unique requirements and getting both secured and unsecured Loans from reputed banks across India. And the best part is - this is a door-step service, without giving you the trouble of running from pillar to post in search of the right bank and the right interest rates.

Alternative Investments

An alternative investment is an asset that is not one of the conventional investment types, such as stocks, bonds and cash. For example, an alternative investment portfolio may include real estate investment trusts, hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, commodities, MLPS, REITs, trust deeds and real assets such as rare coins, art, wine and precious metals.

With low correlation to stocks, an alternative investment tends to be less volatile. However, access to these investments come at high 'minimum value' of investment and are held by institutional investors or accredited, High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs) because of the complex natures and limited regulations of the investments.

Backed by our investment research partners, helps you in choosing the right Alternative Investment vehicles for your investment needs.

Fixed Income Products

More stable than pure equity products, Fixed Income Products can be a source of stability during the economic downturn or when steady income is the need of the hour for the investors.

Fixed Income is an investing style for which periodic income is received at regular intervals at a secured and unchanged rate. It is both safe and static in nature and its low risk and tax benefits attract many investors during the economic downturn or periods of volatility.

With beside you, now you not only browse through available choices, such as debt instrument issued by a government, corporates or other entity to finance and expand their operations, but also speed up your investment process.