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Process Requirements and Import Form

Import of Mutual Fund is a process where the customer can transfer his Offline folio held with some other broker or directly with the AMC to Online broker code of

1. Requirements to Import Mutual Fund

  1. The offline folios should be in the name of the account holder of account.
  2. The primary holder in the folio should be the first holder in the account.
  3. In case of the import of joint folio, then the online import order should be placed by selecting the joint holder.
  4. The joint holder selected in import order should be same as the joint holder mentioned in the folio statement as per AMC records.
  5. The tax status of customer as per account should match with that mentioned in folio statement as per AMC records.
  6. If the customer has ongoing offline SIP in the folio, it should be cancelled before placing an import request. This is because the offline SIP transactions done after import will not be reflected in unit holdings of account. Once import is done, the customer can start a SIP online.
  7. If the customer has IPIN facility with AMC for the folio to be imported, he/ she needs to cancel the same before applying for import.

2. Documents required to Import of Mutual Fund from offline to online

  1. Duly signed import request letter, which can be downloaded from, after placing the import order.
  2. Self-attested PAN copy of all holders.
  3. Latest folio statement for the folios to be imported containing holder's name, tax status, mode of holding.

3. How to place order for online import

  1. Login to
  2. Click on 'Import Mutual Fund' link provided on the top menu
  3. Read the instructions provided on the page and fill the Mutual Funds Import form provided in the page.
  4. In the order form please select AMC pertaining to offline folio which is to be transferred and enter the correct folio number
  5. Select joint holder name (if any) from joint holder details
  6. Click on 'Submit'
  7. Once the import order is submitted, a PDF document will be generated and the account holder will have an option of printing the 'Import Mutual Fund' order form
  8. Post printing, the account holder will have to submit the aforesaid forms duly signed (as directed) to below mentioned address:

Attn: Mutual Fund Operations Team

Kubot Fintech Private Limited

The Turn Around Time (TAT)for the transfer in process is 60 working days from the date of receipt of documents at Bangalore office. Wealth Advisory Private Limited ( will process the request on best effort basis within a reasonable time and cannot be held responsible for any loss of documents or delay in processing of the request.

The status of your import request will be shared to your registered email id or account holder can also write an email to to understand the status. In case your request is rejected, the reason(s) for such rejection will also be shared.